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  1. No one likes a dirty home. Imagine when you enter your home after work only find your house is a mess. Chances are, it will make you more tired! People like their minds to be refreshed when they return home, but messiness adds to the burden. To keep your home look clean and tidy, there […]

  2. Maids Are People Too Treating cleaners with respect The residential cleaning industry has experienced drastic change over the last several years. Many new cleaning companies have started in the last few years, each company with a common goal of making a footprint in a fast-changing landscape. All kinds of cleaning services have sprung, from the […]

  3. Helpful Home Organizing Tips for our Lafayette Louisiana Clients From time to time every household has to deal with a bit of chaos in the home. This becomes especially true when you have a busy schedule to try and juggle, children in the home, pets, and lots of different things to coordinate. Making sense of […]

  4. With the fast pace of life it is easy to find yourself at the end of the week standing in the living room surrounded by clutter, pulling your hair out because you can’t find anything. This can easily happen after a move to a new home. It’s hard enough to work a full-time job, run […]

  5. Cajun Maids by Cajun Maids Cajun Maids is the industry leader in providing you with top maid service in Lake Charles and Lafayette, Louisiana. Whether you are looking for a one time service, a regular service such as daily,… Questions? Comments? Requests? Get in touch. Contact Now Brought to you by