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Messy Storm Aftermath? Call Cajun Maids!

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Buckle up! It seems like Mr. sun’s taking a break just for a little while. It’s going to be pouring in Louisiana and while everyone is busy preparing for the supplies that they need to keep them safe and warm for the stormy days, some might be thinking how their houses are going to be like after the storm: messy, flooded, dirty?
Great news! Cajun Maids is ready to serve you! If you are from Lake Charles, Lafayette, New Orleans and Baton Rouge in Louisiana, worry no more! We will help you in your cleaning needs, we are ready for all seasons!
Cajun Maids offers cleaning packages that will suit your cleaning needs. We have packages that start from a one-bedroom home up to a six-bedroom home. We also have an hourly cleaning, as well as Deep Cleaning. We execute several cleanings for your kitchen spaces, bath and tub spaces as well as your bedroom and livinf spaces. Moreover, we have additional services that will cater your cleaning needs for your inside cabinets and drawers, mocrowave, baseboards and corners, glass doors, closet shelves and drawers, blinds, fridge, oven, outer cabinets, interior windows and doors.
With the house cleaning that we have brought to the internet, your cleaning service is just a few clicks away! You can simply go and visit our website: and voila! your home will certainly get cleaned. You can also call us at (337) 513 0777 and we would be more than happy to assist you!
As they say, there’s a rainbow always after the rain. Cajun Maids will make your home clean again after the storm, because a clean home is always a happy home. So Lake Charles, Lafayette, New Orleans and Baton Rouge, book your schedule now! and together, we will weather the storm! Keep safe everyone! Love, Cajun Maids.

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