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Holiday Cleaning Tips

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You’ve made up your mind that this year you will celebrate the holidays from a clean and organized home for your family and guests. Thing is, it’s just days before Christmas yet you’ve barely touched anything. You’re now in a pinch and finding time to do the cleaning seems not possible. What’s worse – you won’t even know where to start cleaning. Mess on counters, cluttered closets, and out-of-place stuff piled up everywhere. What to do now? How to get out from this domestic chaos in a time-crunch?

Fret no more! Our Cajun Maids (providing maid services in Lake Charles, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans) team-leaders have prepared a cleaning checklist to help you with your holiday home cleaning. We have compiled a cleaning program with all the helpful DIY tips that would serve as your guide on time-management and prioritizing areas to clean. Spend just a few minutes per day and you’ll be all set for Christmas – with a sparkling clean home!

First things first. As with every good plan, doing an assessment is a must. Do a walk-through with a visitor’s eye and make sure to note stuff that need the most attention, and those imperfections you may be used to but guests may notice, like houseplants with dead leaves. You also might want to grab a box, and toss in miscellaneous stuff that you don’t need for the holidays, or simply get rid of little clutter here and there. To make it more fun, invite the kids and get them involved. Make it a game for them to run around picking things up.

Now that you have decluttered the house a bit, and have noted the areas that need more cleaning, let’s go to the main stuff. The checklist below may vary from house to house, but this will serve as your general guideline.

Glassware & Silverware

It’s a major turn-off for guests drinking out of dirty glasses. Forks and spoons also have to be shiny to make your meal even more appealing. To bring the sparkle back to your glassware, submerge them in a vinegar and water solution and leave it to dry naturally. Don’t worry about the smell as it is a weak solution, the smell and flavor of the vinegar will evaporate as it dries. For silverware, wet a soft cloth with cider vinegar or undiluted white vinegar, and rub the cutlery with it to brighten up dull areas. Lemon juice will also do the trick.

Windows & Baseboards

Streak-free window is so awesome to go unnoticed.  Mix one to two teaspoons of dish detergent in a large bucket of warm water and scrub the surface using a squeegee to remove suds. For baseboards, dry brush the dust off, then follow up with a warm washcloth/sponge and soap. Use cotton swabs for hard-to-clean corners.

Towels & Linens

Towels and linens are perfect breeding site for mildew for they often stay damp for long periods of time. You can’t have guests coming over your home and your towels are a little smelly, can you? This DIY may do the trick of getting rid of the smell: wash the towel with a quarter cup of baking soda and water, then wash it again with your regular detergent with a quarter cup of vinegar. Lastly, dry the fabric in a drying machine using the hottest and longest setting.


Clean out your refrigerator to make room for party foods. While you’re at it, wipe down large and small appliances in the kitchen. Make your own all-purpose cleaner with this recipe: mix 1/2 cup vinegar and 1/4 cup baking soda (or 2 tsps borax) into 2 liters water.


Get your floor spotless. If you have hardwood flooring, soak a cloth in tea and wash down the floors. For laminate, add two tablespoons of baby shampoo to a gallon of water then mop. Or, just use your favorite cleaning solution.


There’s no hiding a dirty toilet. This is where guests spend time alone so there’s a good chance an unkempt toilet will be noticed. For bathroom tiles, pre-clean with a spray cleaner. Use a bleach solution to kill mold and mildew and a vinegar solution to clean grout. Apply a soap scum remover. Polish tiles with a soft towel.

Special Touches

Now, you’re almost set. You just need some little touch-ups. Do a walk-through again and make sure to clean trash receptacles and add fresh liners. Hang fresh towels and put out fresh hand soap. Fluff sofa cushions and pillows. Decorate with special touches, such as flowers or candles.

And if you really can’t find time to do the cleaning, then you’re last resort would be to ask help from the professionals. Look for a maid service which is local in your area – they’re less expensive compared to large franchising companies and it is more likely easy to negotiate with them in terms with service inclusions, pricing, and schedules. Cajun Maids provides top-quality maid and janitorial services in the cities of Lake Charles, Lafayette, Baton Rouge, and New Orleans and all smaller areas in between.

Have a merry Christmas!  Wishing your holidays will be filled with joy and laughter through the New Year!

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