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Hello Summer! Welcome Cajun Maids in Your Home

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Finally – it’s summertime! Are you ready for your summer hustle and bustle?
The weather is high and you must be in your summer state of mind, and while this season is all about fantastic activities: cookouts, beach escapades, festivals and others, keeping your home neat and clean is a must. Cajun Maids is your solution to a clean house in Lake Charles, Lafayette, New Orleans and Baton Rouge Louisiana!
Cajun Maids are veteran house cleaners who have been in the business and know exactly how to make your home shine! We’ll make sure to do an amazing job in cleaning your home and our fantastic customer service will make sure you love working with us and our guarantees will make you comfortable ordering your cleaning through us!
Our service has been made even better! as we are currently serving the Lake Charles, Lafayette, New Orleans and Baton Rouge Louisiana area; with intentions of expanding throughout Louisiana. Furthermore, the booking process has never been this good, we are just a few clicks away! Visit us today at and we’ll bring magic to your home!

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