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Cleaning Tips: Huge Mess After New Year’s Day

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After all the sound and fury of the holidays, especially after New Year’s eve, what’s left behind is a massive clutter. It’s all hitting us on our homes, nerves and bank accounts. But, just relax. It’s a new year and we can get things back under control.

Here at Cajun Maids, the leading maid-service provider in Lake Charles, Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, our cleaning professionals have come up cleaning tips for you to get you started on your post-holiday clean-up.

Sort and Downsize

Yes, first things first. Sort out the stuff that you won’t be needing. Keep a simple rule. For every new item that arrives, three things have to say bye-bye. Fill up some bags for donation to children for charities.

Are there any decorations you did not use last year? Chances are you won’t be using them again this year. So those has to go too.


Now that you have kept you stuff at the minimum, then you’re ready to do some organizing: sort, divide, and label. Gather all your decorations in one place in the garage, with the proper labels – one box for each category of items. Apply the same strategy all throughout the house, especially with closets and drawers.


Well, you really have to do it! Here comes the cleaning! Get the mop and towels and you can get started with the main thing. But don’t worry, cleaning, after de-cluttering should be all easy now. This year, resolved to a neater, cleaner home. Set aside an hour or so for several days a week to tackle essential tasks.

Remember, there’s no better way to welcome the new year but with a clean and organized home. But if you ever need help, Cajun Maids is always ready to help. If you are in Lake Charles, Lafayette, Baton Rouge and New Orleans, just give us a ring and we’ll be there to rescue you from huge messes at home.

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